Apr 22, 2018


We will never know what to do.

We will never be able to control our feelings. By suppressing our desires we only make them stronger. We must accept our own nature.
By stepping out of the control zone we enter the unknown realm of creation. This happens when we least expect.
The bad isn't always bad in its expression, the same goes for the good. Discipline.

Again, I've accomplished another goal...
There will never be anything on the other side of desire, only the realization that unfulfillment can never be filled. It exists only as a permanent, crystallized state. Like desire, that never ceases to be desire. As soon as it deceases, a new is born again.
I've felt this so many times in my life but still fall into the illusion of it being different...this one special time...It is not.

There's no ultimate goal, no ultimate accomplishment, only the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Impermanence is the only reality, and that is, in itself a contradictory statement.

There's no real love nor happiness as we conceive. The "is" is never and the never never existed.

Calm down for a second, sit, breath, look around and live.